WEBINAR EVENT: Where there's Change there's Opportunity!

The rules have changed, how do we change with them?

The rules of property investment have been changed, this will impact the cashflow of the majority of residential property investors.

This webinar will discuss what the impacts are and to whom, and show you how you can determine the level of impact it will have on you and your investment properties moving forward.

Then we will share with you the options that you have and what you can do to lessen the impact of the rule changes.

We will then introduce to you the strategies that you can use to invest moving forward to be exempt from the loss of interest deduction.

You will learn about other strategies (beyond the traditional buy rent and hold) that we and a few other investors have already been using over the years to work hand in hand alongside buy and hold investing, which moving forward in the new environment will play a very important part and will be essential for investors to employ at least one of these other strategies as well to continue to successfully invest in property.

There is something in this webinar for everyone, no matter your financial position. If you have been investing for a while and currently own rental properties and want to know the best options for you to move forward, or if you have been wanting to get into property but are yet to get started and are now wondering if you should or not and if property investment is still even feasible, then this webinar will give you those answers and explain the options you have. 

We will even be talking about a trading strategy we’ve been using where you can buy and sell property making lump sum cash profits without actually needing to use your own funds or even get a mortgage.

We will also be discussing another strategy that enables you to create an ongoing passive income from property without the need to even own it.

There really is something for everyone!


So grab your spot on this free training webinar. (Places are limited)


Presented by


Clint Taylor

Property Investor of 20 years and Co-founder of the Property Investor Centre